Presley 1

img005 (1)img006 (1)img002 (1)img003 (1)img001 (1)img004 (1)img007I think in many ways Presley’s a product of the path I’ve carved. People compare our looks and personalities so much that she’s always had to deal with my impression. She’s told stories of my decisions when I was her age as if they are guiding legends. As a result she holds herself to my standard, despite the 7 year difference. the age gap is the biggest divide in our relationship. I decided to make a multitude of these spliced images and hang them in 4×6 frames as if they were family photos. I wanted the pictures to meld together to the point that some outsiders might think it’s always the same person, you can never see more than one of our faces. These pictures document her life, my life, and the suggested overlap.

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