Commission Portfolio

commission pieces from the past few years

I love how collaborative commissions are and I feel lucky to accept them year-round. This work can vary in subject matter but it is always on paper and done with illustrative mediums. If you are interested in working with me please fill out my proposal form below: usp=sf_link

House Drawings

One of my most popular subjects and the work that has kicked off my commission sales. There is so much sentiment behind documenting your home and everyone has a different story. Some people have built retrospectives of all the places they’ve lived, others want to commemorate their first home. No matter the occasion I am happy to take these orders year round and will ship anywhere in the US.


Drawing faces is one of my favorite challenges. They make for a fun wedding or anniversary gifts. I often sell quick portrait studies on my Instagram as a fun way to connect with friends (so look out for those).

Pet portraits

Another popular gift option. I love doing these, they are light-hearted and sweet. Whether it’s for a friend or in memory, I am happy to take these on.