• Animating with paint

    In this piece, I tried in the most complicated way possible to communicate the simplest idea of this series. This is just a person wandering through a Limbo-scape and then coming to a quick realization that the two realms above and below are pushing inwards, collapsing the in-between. that’s it, I just wanted to make…

  • Limbo 1

    My first piece for the senior series. I’m focusing on the word Limbo,  what it represents, it’s historical definition, what it means to me, and how it looks on a 2D plane. This piece represents limbo as space between moments, locations, materials, etc. Using the diptych style emphasizes this idea by creating a physical “space…

  • New Oyster pieces

    I just finished a mini series of oyster pieces. These new ones are in acrylic instead of oil, they turned out significantly more vibrant and graphic. I wanted to experiment with varied color pallets and a much more holistic sense of movement within each piece.  Of course, none of these paintings are of oysters at…

  • Spanx GIF final

    Artist Statement: This piece was a lighthearted attempt to showcase the irony that over 50% of girls my age own a pair of Spanx yet most wouldn’t openly admit to wearing them and are expected to wear something closer to a thong. It’s an odd balance to think about. These “promiscuous college years” of ours…

  • Spanx Project|update 2

    Here are images from my sketchbook. Check my instagram (linked in the social link menu) for the survey I put on my story, I consider it an integral part of my process.

  • Funerary Figure

    This is my latest painting for class. The piece was based on the idea of a young girl who doesn’t understand death being forced to go to a funeral. There is taboo in her expression of annoyance even though the ceremony means nothing for her.

  • Presley 1

    I think in many ways Presley’s a product of the path I’ve carved. People compare our looks and personalities so much that she’s always had to deal with my impression. As a result she holds herself to my standard, despite the 7 year age difference. Close as we are, the age gap is a divide…

    Presley 1
  • Pastel Spirits

    For sale- $45 acrylic paint on 12×12 canvas  

    Pastel Spirits
  • Resting in Venice

    For sale- $50 acrylic paint on 16×12 canvas

    Resting in Venice