Mural Concept

mural.jpgRecently I’ve made pieces based on my synesthesia. Exploring my mind and trying to communicate what I experience has been so interesting and liberating but I still cant fight the feeling that even the paintings are bound by my physical capabilities, I’m bound by my body. Expanding on that my experience as a college student in classes outside of my painting major make me feel bound by something else all together. My idea for a mural bounces off these feelings. I’m not sure which of these images I like the best for communicating this message but I enjoy the simplicity and honesty of them.

Spanx GIF final


Artist Statement:

This piece was a lighthearted attempt to showcase the irony that over 50% of girls my age own a pair of Spanx yet most wouldn’t openly admit to wearing them and are expected to wear something closer to a thong. It’s an odd balance to think about. These “promiscuous college years” of ours are layered with body image issues and elevated expectations of conformity. I’m amused to think that we are in our physical primes yet still ever so slightly ashamed. How will we feel towards ourselves a few years from now when our skin in a little looser and metabolisms slower?

Funerary Figure

This is my latest painting for class. The piece was based on the idea of a young girl who doesn’t understand death being forced to go to a funeral. There is taboo in her expression of annoyance even though the ceremony means nothing for her.

32″ x 46″| Oil on Canvas|2018

Presley 1

I think in many ways Presley’s a product of the path I’ve carved. People compare our looks and personalities so much that she’s always had to deal with my impression. As a result she holds herself to my standard, despite the 7 year age difference. Close as we are, the age gap is a divide in our relationship. I wanted these pictures to meld together to the point that some outsiders might think it’s always the same person. There are always two images and we are almost always the same age but you can never see both faces in one piece, making it hard to distinguish us. The pictures document her life, my life, and the suggested overlap. I wanted to communicating the glitch in that comparison.

Assignment for Sketchbook Development spring-2018